Parent’s testimonials

Carly and Max look forward to Hebrew School every Sunday. They are fully engaged in all activities and love to come home and share their experiences. Thanks to Chabad Hebrew School they are eager to improve in reading Hebrew as well as learning about their Jewish Heritage. 

 Vicky Baker,

S. Petersburg 

 Chabad Hebrew School has been a wonderful experience for my family.  My children look forward to going every Sunday to learn about their Jewish heritage.  The activities are always interactive and make learning fun.

Lizz Singh,

S. Petersburg 


"We are entering our 3rd year at Chabad Hebrew School and I look forward to another year of my son saying: 

Jake:  “ Mom do I have Sunday school today?

Mom:  “Yes”

Jake:  “YEAH!”

Susan Weiss,

S. Petersburg


 Chabad Hebrew School has taught my children to love their Jewish heritage by making meaningful connections to generations before them.  The value and relevance of our religion is imparted through a hands-on, exciting curriculum shared by knowledgeable role models.  Even with emphasis placed on global responsibility, individual successes are honored and celebrated.  Our family feels fortunate to be part of such a vital educational experience in St.Petersburg." 

Stephanie and Keyvan Kohan

S. Petersburg 


“My two sons, Shaun 9, and Scott, 8 started going to the Chabad Hebrew School this year. Not only did they learn Hebrew, but they received an understanding of what Judaism is all about. My applause to Rabbi and Chaya Korf for doing an outstanding job. My boys are looking forward to next year for learning and fun.”

Dr. Heidi Goldberg

Redington Shores

 “I was very excited when I heard the Chabad was offering a Hebrew school. I think one of the most wonderful parts of the Hebrew school was how Chaya gave each of the kids individual attention. She customized the Hebrew learning to each of their levels with an outstanding Hebrew program. The kids could move at their own pace, through the levels, and see their success and feel extremely proud.

Besides Hebrew, Chaya taught the children about the beauty within each of them. The kids learned, how even at their young age, they could spread light throughout the world. 

Chaya always had the kids entertained and kept their attention through games and stories. They were even rewarded with torah dollars that the kids could use to buy things during the year. What fun!

I cannot say enough about how well the Hebrew school program was run! Many thanks to Chaya for a fantastic year!”

Kathleen Meindl

St Petersburg

My daughter and I have had a most outstanding experience with the Hebrew school/Bat Mitzvah program at the S Petersburg Chabad Jewish Center.  Not only did Victoria continue her Hebrew/Judaic Studies but Rabbi and Chaya Korf designed a Bat Mitzvah program to meet our family's unique needs.  Chaya gave my daughter so much more than just Bat Mitzvah lessons.  She gave her life lessons that will apply forever.  Victoria always looked forward to her meetings with Chaya and came home talking about what she learned.  She surprised me on several occasions when out of the blue she would mention something to me in regard to daily jewish living or law. I always know it is the echo of Chaya's teaching that has remained within her.  She has continued to develop a deep love of Hashem and her faith with Chaya's guidance. I highly recommend these two programs when considering your child's Jewish education.

Leah Bischoff

St Petersburg FL

From the students:

" The most exciting thing for me was to learn the Hebrew Alphabet"   Shawn Goldberg

"It's exciting and fun to move up levels in Aleph Champ from color to color, and levels." Barry Meindl