What is a Kiddush?

A Kiddush is a festive, informal buffet enjoyed at the conclusion of morning services on Shabbat and holidays.

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, or commemorate the Yahrzheit of a loved one, by sponsoring a Kiddush!

$200 Traditional Kiddush

Kiddush includes: Pastry, challah roll, eggplant dip, side salad, gefilte fish, drinks, wine and all paper goods.

$200 Deli Meat Sandwich Kiddush

Kiddush includes: Pastry, meat sandwich with assorted deli meats, coleslaw and condiments, drinks, wine and all paper goods.

$250 Poke Bowl Kiddush

Kiddush includes: Pastry, salmon, sushi rice, and assorted vegetables and toppings, drinks, wine, all paper goods.

$250 Ceaser Salad Kiddush

Kiddush includes: Pastry, grilled chicken, salad and dressing, drinks, wine and all paper goods.

Co-sponsor option is available 

Holidays and special events: Call for information.

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Call 727-344-4900 or e-mail [email protected]

Thank you to all of our Kiddush sponsors!