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Give your Judaism the intellection it deserves as you discuss and debate the most quizzical, controversial, and seemingly-unanswerable questions about Jewish belief and practice.

Join us on Mondays, May 4 - June 29
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Class can be joined in any of the following 3 forms:
1. Our Virtual Meeting Space:
http://zoom.us/j/7979368112  Password: Chabad  
2. Conference call and ID:
1-929-205-6099  Meeting ID: 797 936 8112

Here are some sample questions that will be addressed:
Why have the Jews outlasted so many other groups of people throughout history?
Why is the Star of David a Jewish symbol?
Why are there so many Jews in Hollywood?
Why do some Jews say they are the “chosen people”?
Is this not chauvinistic?
Why is the Land of Israel important to the Jews?
Why would anyone want to remain Jewish after so much suffering throughout the ages?
Why does Halachah decide the Jewishness of a child solely on the lineage of its mother and not its father?
Why doesn’t Jewish law have provisions for someone who desires to convert out of Judaism?
Why doesn’t Judaism seek converts?
Why are eggs Pareve, when the chickens that make the eggs are not?
Why aren’t vegan foods automatically kosher?
Why does Judaism have so many rules?
Why is it caught up with details?
Why does the Talmud prescribe different requirements for men and women?
Why does Judaism place emphasis on praying with a congregation?
Shouldn’t prayer be a personal experience?
Why do we say Kaddish after someone passes away?
Why do we pray?
Doesn’t God know what He is doing?
Do we think we can change His mind?
Why am I responsible for my actions if God knows what I will do in advance?
Why doesn’t God respond to my requests?
Why are we born with inclinations that we are forbidden to act upon?
Why don’t Jews accept Jesus?
Why does the Bible instruct us to “fear” God?
Isn’t fear a negative emotion?
If the miraculous stories in the Bible are to be taken literally, why are there no such miracles today?
Why did Moses have a stutter?
Why does the Bible call for animal sacrifice?
Isn’t it inhumane and violent?
Why is slavery sanctioned by the Torah?
Why do we say “Mazal Tov”?
Why do Jews follow a lunar calendar?
Why do some Jews eat Gefilte fish and Chulent?
Why do we place pebbles on a headstone?
Why do we light candles on a Yahrtzeit?
Why do some Jews sway when they pray?
Why do some people hold up a little finger when the Torah is lifted?
Why do Jews toast with “Lechaim”?