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 We would greatly appreciate your help with any of the items listed below.

If you would like to give towards a certain item but are unable to fund it alone, please contact us so we can get a group together to make it happen.

Thank you so much for making our community the growing and vibrant community it has become!

Thank you for your support!



I would like to sponsor:

Permanent Naming of the CHS (Chabad Hebrew School) | $100,000

Permanent Naming of the JLI (Jewish Learning Institute) | $50,000

Gold Leaf on the Tree of Life | $1,500

Thermostats - $1,200 | Energy-efficient, programmable thermostats for all 4 A/C units 
Chabad Sign -$2,500| New weather resistant, 2 directional sign.

Talleisim (10) - $125

 Kippas - $1,000| Customized with Shul logo

Hebrew School - $1,000 | This comprehensive curriculum from Reception to Year 6 is designed as a spiral curriculum, in which learning builds upon previous knowledge and experiences. Unlike other subjects, the Jewish Festivals are taught every year in every class. In this curriculum the pupils focus on new aspects of the festivals each year, so there is limited repetition. Prior knowledge is reviewed and core knowledge is reinforced, while ensuring pupils are engaged and deepening their understanding of the festivals each year.

Shabbat Song Books - $360

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