Club Chai Monthly Pledge
Club Chai members provide monthly sustenance to Chabad in multiples of 18 (Chai-Life).

Be a partner in our valuable work and community! A monthly donation in any amount gets you into the club. This is not a multi-level marketing scheme, it’s just simple math. $18 is significant!

Watch this: Ten people giving $18 per month is $180 per month. Over twelve months that is $2160. Now, if we continue to add ten new donors at $18 per month for 12 months, the total monthly intake is now $2160 and the annual intake is $25,920!

Just for fun, let’s say five of the ten give $36 instead of $18. The total monthly (after 12 months of new donors) is now $3240 and the annual is $38,880. If we did this for three years, the total monthly will be $9720 and annual will be $116,640.

Thank G‑d, as Chabad has grown to include a host of departments and programs, Chabad Hebrew School, The Shul at Chabad, Holiday Programs, Social Services, Adult Education, Camp Gan Israel, and much more, and so has our budget grown as we expand the progrmas and their reach. So, I am turning to you to join our Club Chai. Pick a dollar amount in multiples of CHAI - $18 and we will set you up on an automatic monthly charge. You can always increase it or decrease it.

We receive no funding from any central organization. All of our activities are made possible by you! Please give generously. Join the Club!

With blessing,
Rabbi Alter Korf

Join the Club

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