Mega Challah Bake

UNITE with women and girls from across our community (5th grade and older).
DISCOVER the beauty and spiritual power of this tradition.
CREATE  your own round Challah with your choice of sweet filings and toppings.
PRAY may the power in numbers inspire the answer to each of our prayers.
Please select the table number you would like to be seated at. If you are making more than one reservation please select the correct table number for EACH attendee. If you are reserving seats and you do not know the guests name yet, please use your LAST NAME and guest. Example: Korf, Guest.
Please email [email protected] with any questions.


Leah Bischoff • Lani Ford  •  Alice Ettinger • Michele Glazer • Barbara Mazer Gross • Wendy Haber
Ilana Hecht • Jayme Joslyn • Robin Katz •  Maxine Kaufman • Stephanie Kohan • Mushkie Lebovics
Pamela LeCompte • Eileen Richman

Mega Challah Bake   Feb 1, 2023
 Reservations for this event segment is closed.