COMMUNITY PURIM GIFT BASKETS 2023 has been launched!

On Purim we emphasize the importance of Jewish unity and friendship by sending food gifts to family and friends. This year, Purim is celebrated on Monday evening & Tuesday March 6-7 2023, 14th of Adar.

The past few years have truly taught us the power and importance of community. Our community rallied together in unprecedented ways to see to it that we remain cohesive and that those in need or isolated are taken care of. This is a special community, and there is no better time than Purim to celebrate our unity!

The major theme of Purim is Comm-UNITY. In addition to hearing the Megillah, the Purim traditions are fulfilled through uniting and sharing with others, the festive meal, the giving of charity, and the gifts of food baskets to friends.

Here is where the "The Community Purim Gift Baskets" comes into play.

Unite in this once-a-year opportunity to send a friendship basket to community members in fulfillment of this cherished Purim Mitzvah of sending gifts of food to friends. We are asking that each family gives a donation of $150. This will put your family name on our "Givers List". This "Givers List" will be included in EVERY Shalach Manot basket we distribute. By donating $150, your gift will go to everyone included in this initiative.

Though not living here in our actual community, the SOLDIERS IN THE IDF are part of our spiritual community, on the front lines...and in our hearts. Let’s show them how much they mean to us, and include them in this initiative to send them some Purim Joy!!!

GIVING is the greatest way to RECEIVE, so everyone on the 'Givers list' will also be receiving a Shalach Manot Basket. By doing the Mitzvah in this way, we create love and good feelings within our community, uniting us all and ensuring that everyone can be included in this exceptional mitzvah in the most meaningful way possible!

Looking forward to each of your participation in this project. Join by February 27th to be part of the Community Gift Basket Initiative.